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Fibreglass Pool Installation Boksburg

Fibreglass pool installation


Why should you install a fibreglass pool?  Let us give you some useful information on fibreglass swimming pools.

We also install Marbelite, Gunite and concrete pools

FIRSTLY  there is the cost factor.  Fibreglass swimming pools are generally less costly than concrete pools.  Costing of a fibreglass swimming pool is based on the wall thickness and materials used in the manufacture and installation.  Obviously a fibreglass pool with thinner walls and cheaper materials costs less.  It all depends on your budget.

SECONDLY  it is extremely easy to maintain a fibreglass swimming pool.  With the various kinds of products available these days, cleaning of your pool is reduced to say twice a month depending, of course, on leaves etc around the pool.

THIRDLY it is not expensive to run a fibreglass swimming pool.  Your automatic vacuuming equipment will last longer because of the smooth surface of a fibreglass pool and there would be the usual wear and tear cost on the pump or filter.  It is suggested that you switch the pump off in winter when you put the pool cover on thus saving electricity.

How is a fibreglass pool made?

The mould is made to the shape of the pool you require.  When building a mould and a pool, there are several pocesses to go through to reach the end result.  It can take about 1 or 2 months once the pattern is complete just to build the mould.  It is interesting to note that wax separates the pool from the mould and prevents them sticking together.  The mosaic pattern is the first thing applied to the mould and then the pool colour is painted over the entire mould including over the mosaics.  There are, of course, several colours of paint to choose from.

What are the advantages of installing a fibreglass pool?

  • The construction time of a fibreglass pool is less
  • A fibreglass pool costs less to build
  • A fibreglass pool warms up more than a concrete pool
  • The smooth finish which eliminates abrasions
  • It is more cost effective to build and to maintain

The disadvantage of a fibreglass swimming pool is the restriction to the shape and size that the manufacturer can make.

We would be happy to meet with you on-site to assess the area you have available to install your fibreglass swimming pool i.e. the shape and size and let you have a look at the various pool colours available.

We will then be able to furnish you with a quote which takes your budget into consideration.

Contact us now for a free quote and we will assist you in owning the fibreglass pool of your dreams.

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