Pool Revamp Boksburg

A pool revamp will be less expensive than building a brand-new pool.

Pool Revamp Boksburg

Pool Revamp Boksburg

No Matter The Condition Of Your Pool, We Will Fix It!

Differences Between a Pool Revamp and a New Pool

One of the biggest differences between a pool revamp and a new pool may be related to the cost.

A pool revamp will be less expensive than building a brand-new pool.

Revamping a pool might make it more useful or give it a more modern look.

Any of the following swimming pool renovations jobs can be completed by our pool renovation specialists. (As well as any other pool revamps you might want):

  • Size changes add swimming area to pools or make pools take up less space in the yard. previous owner’s.
  • Depth renovation will make your pool either deeper or shallower.
  • Energy-efficient changes will make your pool less costly to operate and maintain overall. You can do this in various ways, such as by adding LED lights installed. It uses less electricity, it is more durable and doesn’t have to be replaced as often and creates a beautiful, luxurious and elegant effect. Has a range of mood changing colours.
  • Water features provide aesthetic appeal to pools.
  • Different features that are available include waterfalls, water curtains, rain walls, and water arches.
  • Pool lining of existing swimming pools.
  • Removing bulges from fibreglass shells.
  • Pool Relining and Resurfacing.
  • Updating old plumbing.
  • Switching to a salt system.
  • Adding a tanning ledge or beach entry.
  • Renewing your pool deck or patio.
  • Pool tiling replace loose and cracked tiles around your pool to get it back to new.

Choose the right time to get the pool revamp done.

Revamp is usually done as a last-minute decision at the beginning of summer, this renovation project.

But the right time to do it is before the summer. Get your pool ready this year by planning a revamp for autumn or winter.

Pool remodel experts are busier during summer where pool projects are concerned, so it can work out to be easier all around to plan your projects for off-season times.

Know exactly what you intend to accomplish.

A great way to decide what renovations you wish to complete is to collect pictures of similar pools.

Whether it is a certain type of tile around the edge, a specific shape, an overall design or any other feature.

It will be much easier for your renovator to understand your needs if you can provide a clear visual.


You might desire for a pool that looks natural and runs the entire length of your garden, but it might not be possible or affordable.

Ask your pool expert for advice on what they would suggest.

Create a reasonable timetable.

Find out how long you can expect your pool revamping will be.

Remember that various elements can affect the time needed to complete this sort of job. The materials, whether the surface is being refurbished or the exterior, and how large the pool is are just some examples.

Parts of your garden may be taboo while work is being done.

The problem is if you have kids, this may mean that they are unable to play in your garden for the duration of the renovation.

Make sure that you know how long it will take before you get started, so that you are well prepared.

Choose a contractor

A good contractor will have reviews on their website, or on google my business or a project gallery that gives you some idea of how they work.

pool revamping boksburg 2
pool revamping boksburg
pool revamping boksburg

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One of the biggest differences between a pool revamp and a new pool may be related to the cost. A pool revamp will be less expensive than building a brand-new pool.