Pool Tiling Boksburg

Swimming pool tiles are a big decision

Pool Tiling Boksburg

Pool Tiling

Swimming pool tiling are a big decision.

Most people look at fibreglass or marbelite as the only option when building or re-doing their pools.

However from our expertise we know that choosing your tile of choice makes for a beautiful and longer lasting finish.

With summer fast approaching, it's the perfect time to start thinking about any changes or upgrades you want to make to your pool and outdoor space.

pool tile boksburg

Upgrade to an all-glass tile pool

Glass mosaic tiles are the top option for luxurious pool finishes and a need for any pool owner who wants to maintain a classy appearance without losing durability. There is no better option than a pool finish made entirely of glass tiles!

As an alternative to conventional plaster and aggregates, glass mosaic tiles are used to cover the whole surface of the pool.

These tiles enhance your pool's beauty in a ways that other tiles simply cannot.

They mirror the motion of the water while reflecting light. As a consequence, your pool and the nearby water will develop a captivating sheen that will tempt you and your loved ones to dive in right away!

Create your paradise with pool mosaics

Swimming pool mosaics are always a popular choice for pools, and that trend is becoming more and more popular.

From playful dolphins and turtles to contemporary medallions, or even custom designs; there is certainly a mosaic style for everyone!

Coral sea life pool mosaic

Would you like to make your pool's ocean scene more realistic?

How about a gorgeous mosaic of coral and marine life.

It'll bring all the joy of snorkeling right to your pool.

What type of tile is best for swimming pool?

For individuals on a tight budget, ceramic and porcelain tiles have historically been the option for swimming pool tiles.

The tiles can be made into a mosaic or manually painted with elaborate patterns.

Waterline tile

These tiles are positioned beneath your pool's edge to indicate the correct water level.

Adding decorations to your pool is simple and straightforward when you use decorative tiles along the waterline.

For more swimming pool tile options contact us

Contact us now for a quote and we will assist you in owning the pool of your dreams.

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One of the first decisions you’ll make when picking out your new pool tiles is what material you’d like. Pool tiles can come in ceramic and porcelain, glass, or natural stone.