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Resizing a Swimming Pool

Resizing a swimming pool boksburg

Resizing a swimming pool. Can I resizing a swimming pool? Yes, it is common to resize a pool; however, there may be some limitations to what can be done, as you should only minimize areas that can withstand the greater weight placed on the pool construction. Older pools have a lot of curved areas and […]

Pool Lights

swimming pool lights kempton park

Pool Lights Pool lights are necessary since they enable swimming at night. If you just swim during the day, you’re missing out on half the fun of owning a pool! With summer around the corner late night swimming will be very inviting. Of course, swimming without pool lights is possible, but who would want to? […]

Pool Bladders

pool bladders

Pool Bladders Cost saving with pool bladders It is inevitable that the covid-19 has had such an impact on everyone, especially by placing so many businesses in financial peril. This compelled many businesses to think creatively about new ways to cut costs. Pool bladders were first introduced in South Africa in 2016, but have grown […]

Water features for Pools

Water features for pool boksburg

Types of Pool Water Features Depending on the type, the sight and sound of pool water features can add a sense of calm or a level of thrill. Pool Services – Boksburg Pools, will help you breathe new life into and update your existing pool with a variety of pool water features. Spillover Spa This […]

What is the best colour for a swimming pool?

swimming pool colours

What is the best colour for a swimming pool? The market has a wide variety of colours for your swimming pool, however, finding the right shade that complements your home and the surrounding features can be difficult. Although most homeowners begin their hunt by considering the most common colours, it is important to note that […]

Beach Style Pools

beach side pools east rand

What is a beach style pool? A beach style pool is a perfect family pool. They are magnificent water features that give modern yards a unique look and comfort. These swimming pools transform landscaping designs with stunning details, complete with rim flow waterfalls, jet fountains and fire pits and create beautiful outdoor entertainment spaces. Beach […]


remarbelite pools boksburg

Remarbelite Pools What is Marbelite? Marbelite is an interior finish for swimming pools produced by a spreading compound of marble chippings. The use of ‘Marbelite’ as an interior finish in swimming pools goes back to the early years of progress. The marble chippings in a spreadable solvent were ideal for the smooth coating required for […]

Pool Lining

pool lining boksburg

What is Pool Lining? There are four types of pool linings: Fiberglass Marbelite Chip-tile Vinyl   A marbelitepool has a gunite lining on top of its concrete shell. The lining is absorptive and rough. A fibreglass lining is less porous than a gunite and is smooth to the touch Vinyl pool linings are plastic Chip […]

Swimming Pool in the Winter

winter pool boksburg

How do you maintain a pool in the winter? Maintenance on your swimming pool should be done either daily or weekly depending on the size of the pool you have as well as the environment around the swimming pool. Ensure that there is daily a source of movement in the pool, whether it’s by human, […]

What do our customers say about Boksburg pools services?

boksburg pools

Excellent services Delia Gouws – Boksburg pool Services provide excellent services at very reasonable price. Very impressed with the pool fencing. I would highly recommended this company. Faan van Blerk – I want to thank and compliment Boksburg Pool Services. A big thanks to Johan and his crew on the excellent work they done with […]

Remodel a Pool

remodel pool boksburg

Breathe New Life into an Old Pool Interior resurfacing… can give an older gunite pool a fresh new look. Your remodel can restore a pristine white surface or add a new designer flair — like coloured, stain-resistant plaster, durable pebble surfaces, custom water-line tile, or a stunning inlaid mosaic. Liner replacements… can provide an instant […]



Swimming pools can add a great atmosphere to your home. Aside from outdoor furniture, beautiful landscapes and colourful lightings that we can apply or add in our swimming pool area, we can also install some waterfalls. This will definitely give you a relaxing and refreshing effect. Types of Water Features Rock Waterfalls A rock waterfall […]

Pool Shapes

different pool shapes

Different Pool Shapes Understanding the different pool shapes that are available can help you with the decision to build a certain pool. Kidney Pool Shape This pool shape is round from both the sides and curved inwards at an edge. The kidney shape gives it more of a lake feeling. This shape is popular for […]

FQA – About your swimming pool

swimming pool boksburg area

About your swimming pool -FQA Why is the water cloudy in my swimming pool? There is too much calcium and the ph is too high in the swimming pool water. What’s the Easiest Type of Pool to Own and Maintain? Fiberglass pools are the easiest type to own and maintain, there are other benefits as […]

Workouts for Burning Fat

exercise in pool

Essential Water Workouts for Burning Fat A swimming pool provides one of the best fat burning workouts. That’s because water is 800 times thicker than air, so every time you kick, pull, or push the water, you’re doing a resistance workout, which burns fat and leads to lean muscle and an increased metabolism. If you […]

Why Does My Pool Lose Water In The Winter?

leaking pool boksburg

Why Does My Pool Lose Water In The Winter?   Pool leaks can be very misleading. If your pool loses water more in the winter than the summer it could be due to a crack in a suction line, or maybe a small hole or tear in the pool liner. When the pool is running […]

Interesting Swimming Facts

pool facts boksburg

Interesting Swimming Facts. Here are a few of our favourite interesting swimming facts. Olympic Swimming Used To Be For Men Only. Swimming has been an Olympic sport since 1896 but it wasn’t until 1912 that women started to participate in this competitive sport, at the Olympics. Hair Creates Friction in Water. That is why professional […]

Small Pool Ideas

small pools boksburg

Small Pool Ideas Adding a small pool to your backyard shouldn’t be a difficult and complex thing, but the result will often leave you amazed, as you will find out a brand new hangout place just a few steps away from your living room! Just because you have a small space doesn’t mean you shouldn’t […]

Pool Cleaners

pool cleaners parkrand

How to Choose the Right Pool Cleaner for You Owning a glistering pool is a true bliss but cleaning it every time is another story. Your pool is easier to keep clean if you are consistent about it. The more time that passes between cleanings, the more effort you’ll need to invest to get it […]

Things to consider before installing a swimming pool

boksburg pools witfield

Things to consider before installing a swimming pool If you are considering adding a pool to your property, planning is important. Why do I want a swimming pool? Establishing your reasons for wanting a swimming pool. Those may have a huge impact on its shape, depth, size and possibly even the type of construction. Will […]

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