Pool Renovations Alberton

Pool Renovations for Concrete and Fibreglass pools

Pool Renovations Alberton

Pool Renovations Alberton Area

Pool Renovations vary from a basic fibreglass pool re-linings to a complete change of pool shape.

The majority of swimming pool upgrades are for old and tired pools.

New skimmer boxes, aimflows, underwater lights and piping are installed as well as new copings or paving. If required, swimming pool filters and other pool equipment are upgraded at the same time.

We are sometimes asked to entirely change the shape of an existing pool. This is accomplished by constructing one or two new walls inside the existing structure and relocating the necessary fittings for effective water circulation. The pool surface is usually finished with a fibreglass pool liner, which is the preferred form of sealing.

Pool remodel are normal for a variety of reasons:

  • The pool is becoming a problem. For example: it’s loosing water, has hairline cracks around the top or something of that nature.
  • The client needs space where the pool is for reasons, such as constructing extensions.
  • The client wants smaller or bigger pool to suit their family needs.
  • The pool they have does not match the house's renovation style.
  • It's either too deep or too shallow in the pool.
  • The pool is in the wrong position in their garden
  • The swimming pool is becoming expensive to maintain and is in poor condition.
  • Client agrees that something has to be done to address the fundamental issues, and that they may as well make some pool adjustments at the same time.
  • Water features and solar heating are also becoming popular.
  • Making upgrades to your pool will give it a more appealing appearance and add to its calming ambiance. If you renovate your pool, you'll also increase the value of your house.

Renovation ideas to improve the look of your swimming pool.

Additional Water Features

You can install fountains, mini waterfalls, and sprayers near it for that purpose. It's a great idea to add additional water features to your pool area to make it look more appealing.

Entertainment for kids.

If you turn your swimming pool into a mini water park, it will undoubtedly delight your children. You can add water slides, swinging ropes, and diving boards to make swimming more enjoyable. Installing a net across the pool for volleyball games is also a fantastic idea.

Installing LED Lights.

It is now difficult to locate old lighting fixtures in many swimming pool designs. LEDs are becoming more popular among homeowners because they are more appealing and safe. As compared to conventional lighting fixtures, LEDs are much more environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

Pool resurfacing.

If your pool is already showing signs of wear and tear, you should think about pool resurfacing. This pool renovation is a great way to get rid of cracks, blisters, and discolorations in your pool area while also making it more beautiful and practical.

Saltwater Option

Nowadays, a swimming pool with a saltwater system is the latest trend. Saltwater, unlike chlorine, does not irritate the eyes or skin, and it is therefore easier to manage.

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