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We come out and repair all pool pumps. We also install new pool pumps and filters.

How Pool Pump and Filters Work.

A swimming pool looks easy, but maintaining the water clear and clean takes a lot of elements.

The pump and filter are two of the most important parts of any pool, to keep the water properly filtered, circulated and treated.

To keep your pool clean, dirty water is pressure through the filters by the pool pumps, and then back out through the water inlets.

Before the water can make it to the pool motor it will go through a strainer basket to prevent leaves, and other debris from getting into the pump.

The dirty water then goes through the filtration system where it’s cleaned and pushed back into your swimming pool.

Pool Pump Problems

  • The pool motor is not getting enough water through the filter.
  • If you see bubbles coming back into your pool and the pool cleaner is not sucking like it is supposed to, then there is a problem on your system.
  • The mechanical seals and shaft on the pump can also be damaged and need replacement.
  • If your pump is making a screeching noise there can be problems on the pumps bearings

How can we help you?

We can assist you with all mechanical issues you experience with you swimming pool.

  • Pool Pumps repairs
  • Timers
  • Filter ports
  • Filter sand replacements
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