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Pool Lining

What is Pool Lining? There are four types of pool linings: Fiberglass Marbelite Chip-tile Vinyl   A marbelitepool has a gunite lining on top of its concrete shell. The lining is absorptive and rough. A fibreglass lining is less porous than a gunite and is smooth to the touch Vinyl pool linings are plastic Chip […]

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Remodel a Pool

Breathe New Life into an Old Pool Interior resurfacing… can give an older gunite pool a fresh new look. Your remodel can restore a pristine white surface or add a new designer flair — like coloured, stain-resistant plaster, durable pebble surfaces, custom water-line tile, or a stunning inlaid mosaic. Liner replacements… can provide an instant […]



Swimming pools can add a great atmosphere to your home. Aside from outdoor furniture, beautiful landscapes and colourful lightings that we can apply or add in our swimming pool area, we can also install some waterfalls. This will definitely give you a relaxing and refreshing effect. Types of Water Features Rock Waterfalls A rock waterfall […]

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Pool Shapes

Different Pool Shapes Understanding the different pool shapes that are available can help you with the decision to build a certain pool. Kidney Pool Shape This pool shape is round from both the sides and curved inwards at an edge. The kidney shape gives it more of a lake feeling. This shape is popular for […]