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Beach Style Pools

What is a beach style pool? A beach style pool is a perfect family pool. They are magnificent water features that give modern yards a unique look and comfort. These swimming pools transform landscaping designs with stunning details, complete with rim flow waterfalls, jet fountains and fire pits and create beautiful outdoor entertainment spaces. Beach […]

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Remarbelite Pools What is Marbelite? Marbelite is an interior finish for swimming pools produced by a spreading compound of marble chippings. The use of ‘Marbelite’ as an interior finish in swimming pools goes back to the early years of progress. The marble chippings in a spreadable solvent were ideal for the smooth coating required for […]

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Pool Lining

What is Pool Lining? There are four types of pool linings: Fiberglass Marbelite Chip-tile Vinyl   A marbelitepool has a gunite lining on top of its concrete shell. The lining is absorptive and rough. A fibreglass lining is less porous than a gunite and is smooth to the touch Vinyl pool linings are plastic Chip […]