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Welcome to the home of safety pool fence. At Boksburg Pool Renovations we pride ourselves on staying true to our values in all that we do. We are able to provide a complete pool fence solution for your family.

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Our fencing offer quality and durability for your guaranteed peace of mind. We also manufacture custom pool fences to your specifications.

Is it law to have a pool fence?

According to a recent report from the SA Bureau of Standards (SABS), any private swimming pool which can accommodate more than 30 cm of water should not only be protected by a kid-proof pool barrier, but should also be fitted with a safety net or a safety cover to prevent children drowning.

As per South African legislation any private pool should have a swimming pool fencing.

What is the requirement of the height of the pool fencing around the pool according to South African law?

A properly constructed pool fence would meet the homeowners insurance requirements.
Properly managed and maintained, the pool fencing and gates provide you with the confidence to know that in your absence, your swimming pool is secure from incidents or trespassers.
For construction on both the surface in-ground pools, there are woven mesh protective pool fencing and gates.

Picket-style fencing with no more than 10 cm gaps between the wooden beams will prevent small kids and unwelcome guests from entering the pool area.
Thus ensuring that you are legal and have peace of mind.
Pool fences must be made of strong materials and hold against wind and water damage.

Aluminum is a low-maintenance option and is durable and rust-proof.
Cross wired pool fencing and honeycomb board proof to be the safer options and budget friendly choices.
The swimming pool fence must be at least 120 cm high according to the BOCA code.

The surface level towards the bottom rail, should be no more than 10cm.
The pool fence height requirements are the required criteria and may be surpassed if approved by the code enforcement officer of your local government.

Do I need a pool fencing around a pool that is above the ground?

Yes the law states that even with a swimming pool bought at your local grocer that stands on the surface should be protected from small children and unwanted guests (animals that can also fall into the water)

The pool fence around such a pool should be as high as the water level of the pool.

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