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Pool filters are just as important as pool pumps. Pool filters work together with pool pumps.

A pool cannot be cleaned with only a pool pump. It is important to have a pool pump working in conjunction with a pool filter. It is also very important to choose the right type of pool filter to fit a specified pool’s needs.

Choosing the right pool filter

When it comes to pool pumps, bigger is not always better. A pool pump that is too big can interfere with filtration and perhaps harm the filter and/or heater of the pool.

Sand filters are easy to operate and maintain. A sand filters’ efficiency increases as it collects dirt, allowing it to trap debris more efficiently as time goes by. It is, however, necessary to replace a sand filter’s sand approximately every two to three years.

Some of the benefits of using sand filters are:

  • It’s an easy to use system
  • Requires low maintenance
  • Removes small and large dirt and debris from the pool
  • Is relatively inexpensive to install and update

Pool filter sand needs to be replaced.

When the pool filter sand gets too old, it can no longer do its job.

That's why it can change the appearance of your pool water. It can look cloudy or less clear than normal since the filter isn't doing its job correctly.

This can also happen if your water chemistry isn't quite right, so test the water to make sure that's not
The sand also starts to act differently if it's near the end of its useful life. You might notice that the filtering the water.

When the sand becomes dirty or greasy, it can shorten the backwashing cycles of your sand filter.


Pool Filter Problems

Loose or Broken Multiport Valve Handle

Your sand filter's multiport valve is an effective piece of pool equipment. As the name implies, a multiport valve has numerous internal ports, or pathways, for the pool water to flow.

One of the seven filtering functions can be selected by rotating the lever handle on these valves. You can start the filter, backwash, recirculation, waste, rinse, winter, or closed settings by adjusting the handle's position.

The pool water will be routed a certain way, depending on which setting you choose. This function allows your pool filter to efficiently perform several maintenance operations.

Loose Handle

If you see that your multiport valve handle is wiggly, this could be due to a loose or broken spring within the key seal assembly.

Broken Handle

A broken multiport valve handle might seem like a bigger problem than a loose one, but it’s actually a bit easier to fix.

Leaking Waste Line

After backwashing your sand filter, a small amount of water may fall out of the waste line. This is okay. You may have a problem on your hands if this drip continues for a long period and/or worsens.

Usually, a leaking waste line is the result of an old or damaged spider gasket.

A Sandy Pool

After changing the sand in your filter or performing the backwash cycle, it's typical to see a slight accumulation of sand on the bottom of your pool.

On the other hand, if the level of sand in your pool increases, the filter's lateral or standpipe is probably broken.

Low or High Filter Pressure

An obstruction in the system or incorrect sand levels are often the cause for an increase or decrease in pressure.

Clean out your pool skimmer and inspect the impeller in your pump. If your pump is working properly, the issue can be caused by low pool water levels or a lack of sand in the filter.

You should be okay after topping off your pool's water or adding extra sand to the filter.

If your sand filter pressure is too high, the first step is to backwash the filter. Check your sand levels and remove any excess if needed. If you suspect an obstruction and are not sure how to clear it out, contact Boksburg Pools for assistance.

Cracked Tank

Sand filters are highly pressurized pieces of equipment. Therefore, if the tank cracks, it needs to be replaced.

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Pool filters are just as important as pool pumps. Pool filters work together with pool pumps